Wednesday, July 7, 2004

This just in...

Well, it looks like I might have to diverge from my previous comments about the nature of my posts since I just became aware of this timely article that I felt should be passed on.

Congressman Ron Paul is one of the few members of Congress I have respect for. He is a true American Patriot and his decision to vote for or against an issue is based on its ability to pass the litmus test of the U.S. Constitution. Needless to say, he votes against the vast majority of bills presented in the House as they, in fact, have no constitutional basis whatsoever.

Click here for an important issue you might be interested in.

And check out the honorable congressman's websites at: and


While is away...

Clearly it would be folly for me to attempt to maintain the level of excellence RLC contributes to viewpoint so instead I will post some articles that have more of an economic / financial flavor hoping to challenge the reader to consider important issues in these areas that are typically below the radar of the popular media.

Originally, I named the viewpoint website "Patriot". I thought this was a name that spoke to the content found at viewpoint. After some discussions with RLC, it was renamed "Point of View" (after all, it is his website), but it finally evolved into viewpoint. Unfortunately, development of the website was well under way by this time and I simply haven't had time to update the address of the URL to reflect the latest name "viewpoint" so the address of the URL contains "pov" for "Point of View". It's a small matter though as most people will simply bookmark the URL and click on the bookmark to visit us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that viewpoint is an extension of, an excellent example of shameless self-promotion, if I do say so myself. Seriously though, the website serves two important purposes for me. It enables me to learn the technology necessary to have an Internet presence and it enables me to use that knowledge to make personal areas of interest available on the Internet. As a result of my efforts, I can attribute several successful job interviews directly to this experience.

Among the pages at that reflect my interests over time are the PMZone, a set of web pages that would be of interest to anyone preparing for the Project Management Institute exam for certification. It provides a study section and a test simulator. Originally, I developed these pages to assist me in acquiring the PMI certification but I took on an assignment that made it impractical to pursue the certification because of time constraints.

The Gold Page reflects my interest in what is going on in our great country regarding the Federal Reserve, the US dollar and subsequent implications to the state of the Union.

I created The Guitar Page because of my interest in Classical Guitar and provide MP3 files of beautiful classical music for download.

And, lastly, I created viewpoint to give my brother, Richard, a forum that he can use to communicate his point of view regarding important issues of the day.

In the "Coming Soon" department, we plan to offer several new pages we hope will be of interest.

You may have noticed the "Other Websites" menu option at the left that takes you to a page of links to the websites of others we think you might enjoy. This is the first of three new pages.

We will also be rolling out a "Books" page that will contain links to recommended reading that are consistent with the topics presented at viewpoint.

I intend to add a link at the "Books" page recommending "Anything by E.W. Bullinger", a prolific writer of the 19th century. Two of his works I highly recommend are The Companion Bible which may very well be the most accurate version of the Bible available today, and his Commentary on Revelation which, among other things, provides a compelling case for the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.

And finally, a "Downloads" page of links to documents in PDF format that Richard Cleary has written over the years. These can be viewed with any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader which is available for free.

Note that the viewpoint Feedback page may not be updated in RLC's absence but if you want to respond to one of my posts, feel free to email it to and I will see that your comments get posted to the viewpoint Feedback page.

Stay tuned...