Thursday, July 19, 2007


Michael Yon's latest dispatch from Iraq is riveting reading. Check it out here.



Byron writes:

Not that my little voice matters much, but I would truly encourage your readers to follow your advice and read the article from First Things ( Unseen Toll of Illegal Immigration) about illegal workers.

I sometimes find that the conservative voice on this issue, reasonable as it seems, seems nearly unaware of the broader social context, the greed and complexities of the social fabric that permits the daily practices that are people's lives.

This writer was refreshing in showing deep empathy for all involved, I thought, and it was so commonplace and practical a reflection that even those not drawn to the policy debate should read it.

Thanks for the good link.

Illegal immigration is a complex problem which has been allowed to fester and grow worse largely because American employers profit from cheap labor. Linton's essay at First Things does a good job of showing how allowing this system to continue corrupts everyone involved.


Musharraf's War

Stephen Brown writes at FrontPage Mag of the coming war in Pakistan. What Brown writes about is long overdue. It will be interesting to see whether, and in what manner, U.S. forces get involved in the fighting.


Just Deserts

Lisa Schiffren at NRO's The Corner cites a piece at FrontPage Mag by John Perazzo that shows how Byzantine things are in Washington. Perazzo convincingly explains that the force behind the sacking of Don Imus was none other than Hillary Clinton, and, if you read Schiffren's summary of Perazzo's column, you can understand exactly why she did it, or, more precisely, had it done.

We're no fans of Hillary, or Imus, for that matter, but he had it coming.