Saturday, January 19, 2013

True Lies

Last October, right before the election, Mitt Romney made the claim that Jeep was going to start producing vehicles in China, and as a result jobs that could have been created here will be created in China.

This was immediately met with shrieks of derision in the media and other liberal precincts. The company denied it, Romney stood by it, and a fact-checking group called Politifact eventually called it "the Lie of the Year."

It's the sort of thing the media too frequently does to good people. If they can't attack their record they attack their character.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Romney was right after all. You can read the details at The Weekly Standard if you're so inclined.

I wonder if Mr. Romney will be receiving any apologies from those who called him a liar and debased his character. I rather doubt it, apologies not being the sort of thing one expects from people who are quick to engage in character assassination and political slander.