Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Male Chauvinist Pigs

It's common nowadays to hear the left bewail the "war on women" allegedly being waged by the right. People who don't follow matters very closely hear the refrain so often that they quite naturally assume it must be true, yet if there's a war on women occurring in this country it's being waged by the misogynists at the most liberal network on television, MSNBC.

MSNBC hosts like Ed Schultz, Alec Baldwin, Chris Matthews, and former host Keith Olbermann, have leveled disgusting insults at women. Each time it happens their bosses require a pro forma apology, of course, but it's just a matter of time until another of their colleagues follows suit. When you have contempt for people of a certain race or gender it's hard to keep it pent up inside.

The latest malefactor is Martin Bashir who, in the course of a vitriolic string of insults of Sarah Palin's intelligence, described a disgusting punishment meted out to slaves in 18th century Jamaica. The punishment involved forcing human excrement and urine down a slave's throat. Bashir concluded his diatribe by pronouncing that such is what should be done to Sarah Palin. The irony is that he calls the degradation inflicted on the Jamaican slaves barbaric and inhumane and then says it's what Palin deserves. What, then, does that say about Mr. Bashir?

This is how much of the left thinks and talks when they let their guard down. They pay lip service to civil discourse, but they just can't bring themselves to maintain the appearance of decency for very long before they revert to form. David Letterman and Bill Maher are not on MSNBC, but their squalid comments about female politicians like Palin and Michelle Bachmann certainly qualify them for a job there.

Go here for a brief review of some of the vileness that has emanated from the left over the last five years.

Rush Limbaugh rightly got himself into hot water for suggesting Sandra Fluke was a "slut" for demanding that taxpayers pay for women's contraceptives. The media castigated him for his "crudity," "insensitivity," and his "contempt" for women. Yet the men at MSNBC and elsewhere on the left talk about women as though they think they're cattle and the only way anyone hears about it is if they read the Drudge Report.

I challenge anyone to find anything on Fox, a right-leaning cable network, or on conservative talk radio remotely close to the incessant misogyny and degradation of women, particularly conservative women, one routinely hears from liberals.

If there's a war on women being waged in this country it's awful hard to find evidence of it on the right, but easy to find ample evidence of it in the regular dehumanization of women by spokespersons of the left, and the silence of liberal women's groups when these men spew their filth demonstrates that among liberals ideology is thicker than principle.