Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Body and Soul

There are two excellent responses to our recent post titled Body and Soul on our Feedback page. In the first, Dave links to this video which illustrates how there could be ten dimensions to reality:

The video posits extra dimensions which are just too tiny for us to experience, but it could be that these dimensions are not tiny at all. It could be that they are macro-dimensional, but we lack the cognitive structure to apprehend them. If our minds were structured differently perhaps we could experience these other dimensions, but as it is anything that exists in them is beyond our ability to perceive. The situation could be like our inability to perceive radio waves apart from a device to translate them into something we can perceive, even though these waves are all around us.

Anyway, in the second response Mike offers up a lovely meditation on beauty. He writes:

Once one gives this some thought, it becomes clear that the world we perceive through our five senses sends us some strong hints of a much greater reality. At the core of every perception of genuine beauty, there is a dissatisfaction--an ache for something more. Trying to take in everything present in something beautiful with only our five senses is like holding a shot glass under a waterfall. The experience of perceiving real beauty is simultaneously an experience of longing for something greater than what is perceived; beauty has a trajectory. It is a signpost. And the very character of the longing evoked by beauty is reflective of He to whom beauty points us (He who is the foundation for the reality that cannot be experienced with only five senses).

There's more from both these guys at the Feedback page. Give it a look.