Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick Joke

A gentleman by the name of Richard Belfry has a website called "Jesus Hates Obama". Mr. Belfry had sought to sponsor a 30 second Super Bowl ad that depicted bobble-head versions of President Obama and a scowling Jesus and I don't know what all else and don't much care. Fox declined his proposal so, mercifully, the ad will not appear.

Mr. Belfry insists his meme that Jesus hates Obama is all a joke:
Belfry said he's sold more than 70,000 Jesus Hates Obama T-shirts out of the back of his car and through word of mouth since the company launched in 2009.

He said he was shocked by Fox's decision [to decline his Super Bowl ad].

"They don't realize it's a joke," he said.
I can't imagine how Fox manages to miss the humor in Mr. Belfry's kneeslapper. Nor can I tell which is more discouraging - that someone would sell this sort of junk or that so many people would buy it. One thing I think it is safe to say about both Mr. Belfry and his customers - none of them know much about the man whose entire life was not only apolitical, but much more important, was focused on teaching us to love even those we consider our "enemies", political and otherwise.