Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thought for a Sunday

This article at is well worth reading.

Every variety of tyranny rests upon the belief that some persons have a right - or even a duty - to impose their wills upon other people. Tyranny may be fastened upon others by the mere whim of one man, such as a king or dictator under various names. Or tyranny may be imposed upon a minority "for their own good" by a democratically elected majority. But in any case, tyranny is always a denial - or a misunderstanding - of the mandates of an authority or law higher than man himself.

Liberty rests upon the belief that all proper authority for man's relationships with his fellow men comes from a source higher than man - from the Creator. Liberty decrees that all men - subject and ruler alike - are bound by this higher authority which is above and beyond man-made law; that each person has a relation to his Maker with which no other person, not even the ruler, has any right to interfere. In order to make these conceptions effective for liberty, they must be deeply ingrained in the fundamental values of a people. That is to say, they must be part of the popular religion. There was one people of antiquity for whom this was true, the people who gave us our Old Testament. It was among the ancient Israelites that the conviction took hold and emerged into practice that there was a God of righteousness whose judgments applied even to rulers.


An experiment based on those principles was launched on these shores less than two centuries ago. It was the result of a conscious effort to forge an instrumentality of government in conformity with the higher law, based on the widely held conviction that God is the author of liberty.

Our political liberties were not born in a vacuum, but among a people who had a sense of their unique destiny under God. Our religious foundation has been alluded to in a Supreme Court decision (1892, 143 U.S. 457):

This is a religious people. This is historically true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation.

Surely there was a unity of the people in their religious beliefs at the time or some other basis would have been used as the foundation for Liberty in this country. Those that espouse Diversity as being good and necessary for the health of our country are dangerous indeed. They mistakenly use the "melting pot" concept of the early immigrations to this country by Europeans to demonstrate the supposed positive effects of Diversity. The fact of the matter is these diverse groups assimilated into the culture of the U.S. within a generation. Their children were strongly encouraged by their parents to speak English to facilitate their acculturation. Their children were not hyphenated Americans (German-American, Italian-American, etc.), they were "Americans" and proud of it. Diversity is divisiveness - and it's a classic strategy employed by the Liberals to fragment our society and generate discord. Run when you hear the Liberals spewing their toxic venom of "diversity" for the Liberal is truly the axe at the Roots of our Liberty today.