Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful Birds II

Spring is full of delights to the eye. Flowers and butterflies, for example, are incredibly beautiful when viewed up close. My favorites, though, as I noted the other day, are the birds: Here are pictures of three North American species that are particularly lovely. The first is found anywhere in the east there are mature trees in relatively open woodlots. It's the bird for which the major league Baltimore orioles are named:

This next is a fairly common migrant, and in fact I just had one in my backyard today. It's called a Rose-Breasted grosbeak and the combination of black, white and red makes it a gorgeous bird:

This striking creature is harder to find unless one lives south of the Mason-Dixon line. It inhabits wooded swamps and nests in cavities, mostly in the south. It's a prothonotary warbler, and it played a prominent role in the famous Alger Hiss spy trial back in 1948.

There are lots more feathered jewels of spring so I'll post a few more pics in a day or so.



Is Senator Obama unelectable? I'd feel more confident that he was if it weren't for McCain's propensity for thumbing his nose at conservative Republicans. Enough Republicans may vote for McCain, but few are enthusiastic about him, and enthusiasm is crucial. It translates into volunteers, contributions, and friends and family being persuaded to vote for the candidate one feels strongly about.

If the Republican party had had the foresight to groom and nominate someone with administrative experience, personality and solid conservative credentials Obama would be a flash in the pan. As it is he may very well prove to be our next president. If so, he will probably be the furthest any president has ever been from the philosophical mainstream of the American people.