Friday, June 29, 2007

Semper Fi

This is certainly one way to take a bite out of crime. A 27 year old pick-pocket tried to pick the pocket of a 72 year old ex-Marine, retired iron worker, and former boxer and got a good whuppin' for his trouble. A store camera caught some of the action and the accompanying news report gives the details.


Turn Off the Spigot

Iranians are rioting, sort of, in Tehran over the government's decision to begin rationing gasoline. Iran is awash in oil but because the government spends so much of its wealth on subsidizing world-wide jihad and its nuclear weapons program it has too few refineries to turn the petroleum into gasoline and must import 40% of its fuel.

Rationing has been imposed because Tehran fears that the West will soon impose sanctions on fuel exports to Iran. We hope their concern is justified.

Iran has been the driving force behind Hamas and Hezbollah. They've been manufacturing and smuggling IEDs into Iraq that are killing and maiming our troops. They've been a major source of instability in Iraq - instigating, training, and funding the insurgency there. They're also responsible for kidnapping and imprisoning a half dozen or so American citizens, and they're working on developing nuclear weapons which they have all but promised to use against Israel.

We can either allow Iran to continue their deadly course toward nuclear war or we can stop them now. If we choose to stop them it can be via economic collapse or military force. Military force might ultimately become necessary but it should be a last resort.

Right now we can impose an embargo on Iranian fuel and let the people of that country decide whether they want to support the path their leadership is leading them along or whether they want to replace them. We should do it now because waiting will gain us nothing. Iran is not going to change course unless they're forced to. The alternative, it becomes clearer everyday, is war.