Thursday, July 5, 2012

Investing in the Future

Here's a story that'll give you a deeper appreciation of the extent to which your government is looking out for you and your tax dollars. The story reveals that President Obama "invested" $9 billion of the $800 billion dollars of stimulus money in green energy projects which ultimately resulted in the creation of a little over 900 jobs. That comes to about $10 million per job.

CNSNews does the depressing arithmetic:
The Obama administration distributed $9 billion in economic “stimulus” funds to solar and wind projects in 2009-11 that created, as the end result, 910 “direct” jobs -- annual operation and maintenance positions -- meaning that it cost about $9.8 million to establish each of those long-term jobs.

At the same time, those green energy projects also created, in the end, about 4,600 “indirect” jobs – positions indirectly supported by the annual operation and maintenance jobs -- which means they cost about $1.9 million each ($9 billion divided by 4,600). Combined (910 + 4,600 = 5,510), the direct and indirect jobs cost, on average, about $1.63 million each to produce.
In his campaign speeches the president pleads with us to give him four more years so that he can finish the job. I don't know what job he's talking about, but four more years of this sort of investing and he'll pretty much finish the country.