Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brains in a Petri Dish

I have no idea how this works, but it certainly sounds like an astounding development. Neurons are connected to a computer to form a hybrid "brain" and "taught" to fly a simulator?

If just a few dozen neurons can be taught to fly a plane why can't a brain with trillions of neurons be taught to clean up a bedroom? Just wondering.


Huckabee on Foreign Policy

Mike Huckabee has penned a major foreign policy piece in Foreign Affairs. Aside from the first two sentences of the second paragraph in which he makes a gratuitous swipe at Bush, it's pretty solid stuff. It's also noteworthy that not only is he putting his policy ideas in print but he's talking in specifics rather than generalities.

It'd be great if the rest of the candidates in both parties did likewise, although I don't believe any of the Republicans, except Ron Paul, would have any serious disagreements with Huckabee's paper. The interesting contrast would be between what Huckabee has written and what Obama, Clinton and Edwards would propose to do were they in the White House.

UPDATE: Bill Richardson also has a foreign policy piece in Foreign Affairs. It can be read here.