Friday, February 4, 2005

American Hero

This photo at Release the Hounds and the accompanying explanation are worth seeing and reading. Why doesn't the MSM run stuff like this?

A Picture of Evil, A Portrait of Heroism

This account from Omar at Iraq the Model shows how despicable are the savages our troops are working to extirpate in Iraq:

I strongly believe that terrorists are cowards but the cowardice you're going to see in this story is just exceptional. The suicide attack that was performed on an election center in one of Baghdad's districts (Baghdad Al-Jadeedah) last Sunday was performed using a kidnapped "Down Syndrome" patient. Eye witnesses said that (and I'm quoting one of my colleagues; a dentist who lives there) "the poor victim was so scared when ordered to walk to the searching point and began to walk back to the terrorists. In response, the criminals pressed the button and blew up the poor victim almost half way between their position and the voting center's entrance".

I couldn't believe the news until I met another guy from that neighborhood who knows the family of the victim. The guy was reported missing 5 days prior to elections' day and the family were distributing posters that specified his descriptions and asking anyone who finds him to contact them.

When a relative of mine (who has a mental handicap due to an Rh conflict at birth) told me a month ago that a group of men in a car tried to kidnap him as he was standing in front of the institution he periodically visits to get medicine and support waiting for his brother; I thought that he was imagining the whole story. He said that they tried to force him into the car telling him not to be afraid and that they're from the "mujahideen and not going to hurt him". My relative, despite his handicap was moved by his survival instinct and managed to run away.

After I heard the other story, I began to connect between the two stories and to consider my cousin's story as a true one that uncovered a new miserable war technique that can come only from the sickest minds.

What a huge difference there is between those who kidnap and use the mentally handicapped to perform their murders in cold blood and between the brave Iraqis who sacrificed their lives to protect their brethren. One story that is famous now in Iraq is about one brave Iraqi (A'adel Nasir) who saw a suspicious looking guy walking around a polling center in (Al- Hurriyah) district and soon the brave man realized that the suspicious guy was trying to commit a suicide attack; he ran towards him, wrestled with him and knocked him down causing the bomb carried by the terrorist to explode, sacrificing his own life and saving the lives of the people standing in line at the gate of the voting center. It turned out later that the terrorist carried a Sudanese identification. Now, the school that hosted the voting center on the 30th carries the name of A'adel Nasir, as the Iraqi minister of education announced today.

The pathetic terrorists are breaking one world record after another in cowardice and insanity and this tells how bankrupt they're getting.

The story of A'adel Nasir (I've seen his name rendered differently in different reports) is especially significant. Everyone knows that Americans and Brits have acted with extraordinary courage in Iraq, but the MSM seems to be convinced that Iraqi troops and police have been less than audacious in risking their own lives in the fight for their own freedom. Not only does the behavior of millions of Iraqis who braved death threats in order to vote explode this myth but so does the heroism of A'adel Nasir whose courage will be a model for young Iraqis to emulate for generations.

More Gators in the Moat

The talented Tom Graffagnino posts this clever piece of verse at Without Excuse Creations:

"More Gators in the Moat!"
("Piltdown! Man the Iv'ry Towers!")

The Supernaturalists are coming!
Egad! By land!...
....By sea and boat!
Piltdown! Man the Iv'ry Towers!
Quick! .....
More 'gators in the moat!

Don't they know our Theory's Fittest!?
How dare they challenge you and me!?
O my Gawd! Can you imagine!?
We shan't allow this Heresy!

Call the Bio-Bishop Council!
Convene the Cardinals from their perch!
Yo! Onward Evo-Soldiers!
We must defend Pope Darwin's Church!

Kids today know how we got here....
It took a while....
But they believe!
Magik Microbe straight to Shakespeare!
What more could "Lucky Mud" achieve!?

No! We mustn't give them access,
To our children made so bright.
Darwinistas! Man your stations!
No Debate!
Comrades, Unite!

Battle Cry: "From Scales to Feathers!"
Battle Hymn: "From Mud to Man!"
And the drumbeat in the background?....
Impose the Ban!

Rowdy Red-State Rabble-Rousers,
Knuckle-dragging Retro-Brains....
Keep your thinking in the Ghetto.
Hey, monkey!....
Mother Nature Reigns!

So, Battle Stations, Nature's Chosen!
Priests of Darwin, clean their clocks!
This ain't no monkey business....
Stand your ground, Ye Orthodox!

The hoi-poloi's advancing!
Raise the drawbridge right away!
Sir, defending "Fortress Darwin",
Is the order of the day!

Sister "Lucy"! Man the Ramparts!
From high above, look down your nose,
On those attacking our assumptions.....
Who claim the case just isn't closed!

Don your helmet and your breastplate....
Our metaphysics they dislike.
The Naked Apes just keep-a-comin'...
More fingers in the Dike!

Gird your loins, Ye Missing Linkers!
The Great Unwashed we shall defeat!
My! Their Wedge of Doubt grows sharper....
I'm not so sure that they'll retreat!

Yes! Defending Darwin's Castle's
Our Crusade.....and Sacred Cow.
Clarence Darrow wouldn't like it...
But some debates we can't allow!

We're entrenched in Naturalism...
We're locked in...Unbending, too.
"Liberal" Thought's not always healthy,
When we're beseiged like me and you!

So, ever "Onward Evo-Soldier"!
Fight the Fight!
And spread The Word!
Naturalism's Fundamental!
Keep the Faith, Ye Undeterred!

Very witty, and it makes an important point: Darwinism is a indeed a religion. It offers its votaries a creation myth (Life arose by chance in a primordial sea), an answer to the question of life's meaning (to perpetuate the species or at least one's genes), a ground for morality ("Right" is whatever conduces to survival), and an answer to the question of where we are going (When we die we return to the earth so that our matter may continue on as part of the great cycle of life).

Darwinism, by offering us an opportunity to "liberate the human spirit" from superstition and clerical oppression, affords us a vehicle for "salvation". It moreover maintains a priestly class of scientists and philosophers who pontificate on matters of doctrine, faith, and practice, and it proudly boasts a pantheon of saints who have gone on before. It embodies a worldview that encompasses every aspect of life. It cherishes its dogmas and orthodoxies, defending them assiduously against challenge from heretics, and traces its beginnings to the holy scriptures recorded by its founder in the Origin of Species.

Nancy Pearcey, in her book Total Truth, quotes philosopher and Darwinian Michael Ruse, who says that "I must admit that....the [critics of evolution] are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning and it is true of evolution still today."

She also quotes from historian Jacques Barzun who writes that the so-called warfare between science and religion should really be seen as the "warfare between two philosophies and perhaps two faiths." It's a dispute, he writes, "between believers in consciousness and believers in mechanical action; the believers in purpose and the believers in pure chance."

Precisely. The fundamental difference between Darwinism and Christianity is that Christianity traces the origin of the world and of life back to an intelligence whereas Darwinism traces it back to random, purposeless forces. Both Darwinism and Christianity are thus grounded in metaphysical faith commitments, and from those commitments flow all of their differences.