Monday, August 5, 2013

The Nature of the Threat

Debkafile claims to have information on the nature of the threat that has caused the U.S. to close its embassies throughout the Middle East. If they're correct it truly is frightening. Here's the crucial information:
US officials are beginning to release nuggets of information about the nature of the threat.

According to one high placed US official, concern focuses on the possibility of terrorists carrying explosive devices implanted inside their bodies. debkafile’s counterterrorism sources add that plastic explosives in the body of a would-be suicide bomber without metal components are undetectable by standard screening devices such as those used at most international airports.

It has been suspected for some years that doctors and surgeons in Yemen in the service of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula were experimenting with implanting of plastic explosive devices inside the bodies of suicide bombers or even animals. According to Western counterterrorism sources, the surgeon would open the abdominal cavity and implant the explosive device amongst the bomber’s internal organs.

Some US sources are calling the current threat the most serious since 9/11. They are alarmed by the degree of confidence AQIM leaders show in openly using electronic communications to boast about the unstoppable attack they are plotting.

A senior US official described the terrorists as saying the planned attack is “going to be big” and “strategically significant.”
A couple dozen suicide bombers with explosive implants boarding aircraft around the globe is a terrifying prospect. Let's hope TSA is profiling young Middle Eastern males and asking them to raise their shirts to see if they have scars. Let's also hope that they're not wasting their time asking octogenarian ladies to do the same.

IRS Says "No Thanks" to Obamacare

IRS chief Danny Werfel last week testified to congress that IRS employees would rather not switch to Obamacare, thank you. The IRS, mind you, is the organization designated to oversee the implementation of Obamacare for the rest of us. Here's a video of his testimony remixed with some music from LFAO's Rock Party album along with some additional relevant video:
First it was the labor unions that wanted outof the "train wreck," then it was congress itself and their staffs who pleaded that they just couldn't afford it, now it's the very organization that will enforce Obamacare's provisions that they rest of us will have to live by. None of them want it for themselves because they know that, as insurance, it's a much worse deal than what they have.

Congress doesn't want it, even though they've foisted it on the rest of us, because under Obamacare their staff members will have to pay more of the premium which is currently paid by you and me. Congresspersons fear that Obamacare will drive their staffs into the private sector where they can make more money. Well, let them get a real job, say I. Why do we need them?

I remember Democrat proponents of the law piously intoning before it passed as to how they wished for all Americans to have the same quality insurance that they have. Well, now they still have good insurance plans and they've stuck us with with a system that none of them want.

Students of history are welcome to compare and contrast the current situation with the outrages perpetrated on the colonists by the England of King George III and to explain, if they can, how his government was more oppressive than the bunch currently residing in Washington.