Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Operation Underground Railroad

Glenn Beck related a story on his radio program yesterday morning that everyone should hear. It was about human trafficking of children to be used as "sex toys" by men and what one group of Americans is doing to curtail and hopefully end the practice.

The organization is called Operation Underground Railroad and their website can be found here. They're a kind of international SWAT team that finds these children, extracts them from the hell in which they're living, and puts the pedophiles who abuse them in jail.

I have to say that it all sounds like something out of a television crime drama, and I was a little concerned that they don't actually name any of the people they've helped bring to justice, but apparently they're for real. One reason for thinking this is that I can't imagine Glenn Beck putting his national credibility on the line unless he was convinced that this organization is, and does, what it claims.

I've read about a number of organizations involved with trying to get kids out of these terrible situations, but often their personnel simply lack the ability to do much more than try to kidnap the children away from the men who control them. This is heroic, but it can only work so often before the rescuers find that most of the children in need of saving are beyond their reach and capabilities.

In any event, if the metastasizing cancer of child sex slavery is something which horrifies and repulses you, go to the first link above and read what Beck talked about on his show yesterday. Then visit the O.U.R. website and decide for yourself. The video on their home page explains more about the work they do and how you can be a part of it.