Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Breaking News! British Leftists have uncovered the identity of the London terrorists. It was obviously the work, as this article explains, of ... THE JEWS! How did we not see it?

Perhaps most incredible was the speed with which left-wing fascists and conspiracy nuts discovered "evidence" that the bombs were placed by Jews and not by Arab terrorists. Within hours of the bombings nearly every anarcho-fascist, communist, Palestinian, and neonazi web site on the planet was publishing a new conspiracy "theory" of the bombings. Most of these had long been promoting a similar conspiracy "theory" about the 9-11 bombings, which held that either the Bush Republicans or the Israeli Mossad had really knocked down the WTC towers while blaming the poor al-Qaeda Arabs for the crime.

Under their new "theory", Israeli former Prime Minister and current Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had received "advanced warning" of the bombings, and had been advised to remain in his hotel. These "advanced warnings" prove that it was actually Israeli or Jewish agents who had planted the bombs in London in order to get the Brits angry at poor innocent Moslems.

Now as a matter of fact, Netanyahu did in fact receive a "warning", but it was from the British police and it was AFTER the bombs went off but before the full picture was clear, and the cops suggested to him that it would be prudent to stay in his hotel. Conspiracy nuts turned that into "evidence" that Israel was responsible for the bombings. There were in fact some reports that Israel had tipped off British Intelligence before the bombings that an al-Qaeda attack against London might be imminent, but that is not exactly the "proof" of nefarious conspiracy that the conspiracy nuts were seeking.

One interesting place to look for reactions to the atrocities in London is the British version of the "Indymedia" flagship web site of the anarcho-fascist movement. It was crawling with articles that insist that al-Qaeda is innocent of the bombings and being blamed for them because the conservatives need a patsy. Some postings claimed they were placed there by the CIA. Others went to lengths to clear al-Qaeda. Then there are the postings claiming that the bombings simply serve Blair's interest in silencing the Left and their Islamist allies, and insisting that Blair's people placed the bombs. And of course the postings blaming the bombings on the Jews or Israelis. John Pilger showed up on the site to blame Blair for the bombs: "They are 'Blair's bombs', and he ought not be allowed to evade culpability with yet another unctuous speech about 'our way of life', which his own rapacious violence in other countries has despoiled."

The UK Indymedia site even ran the raving article by San Francisco Dennis "Justin" Raimondo, editor of the neofascist pro-terror "antiwar.com" web site and columnist for Pravda. Raimondo had invented a "theory", crayoned into a self-published "book," claiming that Jews, and not al-Qaeda, knocked down the WTC on 9-11, this all on the basis of the fact that some Israeli moving men were picked up that day for visa violations and were found to have some dollar cash in a dirty sock.

Raimondo's UK Indymedia piece (also published on his own antiwar.com site) claims that the Israelis planted the London bombs. Raimondo's evidence? The same fraudulent claims about how Netanyahu supposedly got "advance warnings of the bombs". But one of the most bizarre developments was that no sooner did Raimondo's lunatic "theory" appear across the web than a vicious attack against Raimondo was launched on some of those same web pages by Swedish neonazi "Israel Shamir." It seems that Raimondo, who is an anti-Semite, published a piece calling "Shamir" an anti-Semite, which he is. Raimondo wrote, "Shamir caters to his deranged constituency of Jew-haters," and - somewhat mysteriously - Raimondo did not mean that as a compliment. Keeping these people apart is becoming such a burden!

In contrast, a nice critique of the Indymedia anarcho-fascists was published by the Freedom Institute of the Republic of Ireland, denouncing the Indymedia pro-terrorists. These Irish freedom fighters denounce the "anarchists" for violent rioting in Scotland against the G8 leaders meeting there, forcing police to divert manpower from London area just when they were needed there: "The regulars at the Institute for Autonomy, where most of the Indymedia UK inner circle hang out, are almost certainly unharmed, as they were engaging in recreational public disorder hundreds of miles away in Scotland and successfully diverting police resources from the capital. Well done compadres!"

The conspiracy "theory" about the Jews having placed the bombs spread through the internet, appears by now on every "Indymedia" web site, and has been repeated on such lunatic web sites as "The Simon", which wrote: "Considering the only Al Qaeda cell to ever be uncovered was a front for the Mossad, you'd think the perpetrators could at least come up with a clever new booga-booga name to grab headlines. Their arrogance is startling."

Meanwhile, George Galloway, Saddam Hussein's paid agent in British politics, issued a statement about the bombs this week. You will not be surprised to learn that the lesson he insists that Britain draw from the mass murders is that the "occupation" of Iraq must be ended and of course that Israel must be destroyed:

"We urge the government to remove people in this country from harms way, as the Spanish government acted to remove its people from harm, by ending the occupation of Iraq and by turning its full attention to the development of a real solution to the wider conflicts in the Middle East. Only then will the innocents here and abroad be able to enjoy a life free of the threat of needless violence."

Tariq Ali, a British Moslem leftist and pro-terror militant, wrote an article blaming the bombings on the West's mistreatment of Moslems. Reprinted widely, including on Counterpunch, it stated, "The principal cause of this violence is the violence that is being inflicted on the people of the Muslim world. The bombing of innocent people is equally barbaric in Baghdad, Jenin, Kabul as it is in New York, Madrid or London. And unless this is recognized the horrors will continue.... The real solution lies in immediately ending the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. "

Counterpunch, always to be relied upon to support anti-Western terrorists even when they target Alexander Cockburn's own homeland, has already come out with at least one article that supports the terrorist bombers. It ran a piece by notorious British neonazi Gilad Atzmon, famous for his justifying the burning down of synagogues, and so openly anti-Semitic that large numbers of British leftists have been urging the Socialist Workers Party in the UK to cut all ties with him. Atzmon writes about the London bombings that the real lesson should be:

"It tells us that we must never again give our votes to war criminals. More than anything else it tells us that we have a moral duty. It is down to us to stop our governments. It is our duty to stand up and to demand the resignation of Blair who is responsible for the death of so many Iraqis and arguably now many Innocent Britons. We must remember that voting in a non-ethical politician makes us all into active shareholders in a criminal company.... It tells us that we must never again give our votes to war criminals."

This is interesting. The government is responsible for the crime because of its involvement in the war against Islamo-terrorism, but the Jews, who benefit from that war, actually carried out the attack. No wonder these folk are often referred to as LunaBrits.

Read the whole piece. You'll be amazed.

Lost Liberty

Logan Clements is evidently quite serious about his proposal to have the Selectmen of Weare, NH seize the home of Justice David Souter and award it to him for the construction of the Lost Liberty Hotel. We think this is a fine idea, but Clements needs help. Below is an excerpt from his newsletter:

Thank you for contacting me about the Lost Liberty Hotel project whereby we plan to build a hotel on the property currently owned by Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Some of your comments inspired me and others made me laugh so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. I regret that I'm not able to respond to each of you individually, but please understand that with about 6,000 inbound e-mail and voicemail messages, I'm overwhelmed. To help me hire some staff please click the "YES, I want to help button" to the right".

Toward freedom, Logan Darrow Clements

P.S. I highly recommend you read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, as the characters in the book devise a creative way to regain their lost liberty (and it is also a great mystery novel).


To increase the chance that The Lost Liberty Hotel is actually built, we intend to hand over the development and construction of it to an experienced hotel development company. We are already talking with several companies but would like to hear from others. If your company fits the bill (or you know one that does) please contact me using the link below. Please put "Hotel Builder" in the subject line.


If the Board of Selectmen in the Town of Weare doesn't vote in favor of our proposal, we have received word that several citizens are drafting ballot initiatives, that would bypass the Board and accomplish the same end.

However, before we officially make a proposal to the Board, we want to have a hotel development company leading the project with all the necessary documentation in hand (architectural drawings, statistics to show economic viability, proof of financial means, etc). Several journalists have incorrectly implied that I have already made this proposal. Not true. I simply sent a fax asking the Town what the proper procedure is for making such a proposal.


I am scheduled to appear on a national cable television channel on Tuesday, July 12 in the afternoon. Since these appearances are sometimes cancelled at the last minute I'm withholding the specific details for now. Please visit the link below on Tuesday 7/12 after 1pm Pacific Time to find out the channel, show and time of my appearance.


The reason I started Freestar Media is to make a "pilot movie" and produce a weekly TV newsmagazine (like "20/20" or "60 Minutes") for national syndication. The TV show will expose outrageous government abuses around the world and highlight individuals taking a stand against them.

Unfortunately current laws may prohibit me from telling you that we are seeking financing for stage two of our business plan (making a movie). I wish I could tell you that Freestar Media seeks four $75K accredited investors, but that might be illegal so I'll have to keep it a secret for now. It's too bad that raising start-up capital is almost illegal in a nation that is supposed to be capitalist. Perhaps I should do a show on that!

Go here for Clements' web page and links to how you can help see the project come to fruition.

An Interesting Conversion

This is an interesting conversion story:

Jewish parody rap star 50 Shekel, who was once billed as "The World's Most Kosher MC," has shocked the Jewish world with an announcement on his Web site: he's accepted Jesus as the Messiah.

50 Shekel, whose real name is Aviad Cohen, 30, made a name for himself with his hit "In da Shul," his spoof on gangster rapper 50 Cent's single "In da Club." Cohen gained popularity with gigs around New York in 2003. At the time, he said he wanted to rap about Judaism.

Raised an observant Jew in Israel and Brooklyn, Cohen told Beliefnet in 2003 that he was in the process of becoming closer to the Torah and orthodoxy. "Judaism is what made me -- all the values and ethics that the Torah teaches," he said. "That's something that's been evident in my life." But he has now chosen to lead a Messianic Jewish lifestyle.

Messianic Jews, like Christians, believe that Jesus (or as they refer to him, Y'Shua) was the expected Messiah. Though they claim to be following the true Judaism, mainstream Jews are nearly unanimous in rejecting the idea that Messianic Jews are Jewish, and many believe them to be Christians intentionally targeting Jews for conversion.

Cohen says his change of heart was divinely inspired. "This random morning I woke up to pastors speaking on the radio, and they were speaking about Old Testament stuff," Cohen says. "I didn't set my alarm, I didn't set it to that station." This experience, Cohen says, was a sign from God that he should have enough "matzoh balls" to explore Christianity.

After that, Cohen watched Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ," and immediately became fascinated with Jesus. It was then, he says, that he "came to faith."

"After seeing 'The Passion,' my mouth was wide open for about 20 minutes straight," Cohen says on his Web site. "I was shocked. ... Jesus was the messiah! Messiah is moshiach The Anointed One that we've all been waiting for. This movie is not anti-Semitic. I have just fallen in love with God."

Cohen, who has been practicing Messianic Judaism for about 10 months but just let fans know about his new faith several weeks ago, believes accepting "Jesus into his heart" makes him a "true Jew."

"A lot of people are stuck in (Microsoft) Windows 98," he says. "The New Testament is Windows XP. It's 2005. I have no interest in Windows 98. I upgraded. This is where we're supposed to be right now. I am a true Jew on course."

Cohen maintains he is still Jewish and says that people who disagree are not following what God wants from them. He says Jews tend to be more biased against Jews becoming Christians than against Jews who explore other religions.

"If I became a Buddhist, Jews wouldn't care. They would probably think I'm spiritual and edgy," he says. "If I became a palm-reading-astrologer-Kabbalist, they would cheer and think I'm hip. But now that I have come into the arms of God, they are freaking like crazy, 'cause they know I'm sold out to God and His Anointed Son and no longer sold on 'Judaism.' "

Regardless of the stir Cohen has caused in the hip-hop-loving Jewish world, he still likes to use the Jewish jargon that made him a success. "I just want to Jew the right thing," he says. "And walking with Jesus is definitely Jewing the right thing."

We've never heard of Mr. Shekel, but he sounds like a funny guy. We wish him well.