Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Low

I guess the people at the Obama campaign think this ad is very cool, but in my opinion it says something important, and not very flattering, about the modern Democrat party.

That the people in charge of the Obama reelection campaign evidently think this ad might sway young women to vote for Mr. Obama reminds us that those who believe traditional morality is worth fighting to preserve have no friends in the current White House. Not only has Mr. Obama supported gay marriage, abortion, and infanticide, but he now wants to convince young women that casting your first vote for him is as sweet as losing your virginity to the "right guy."

The ad is of a piece with the attitude, evidently prevalent among those who design Mr. Obama's campaign themes, that young women are concerned with little else other than sex, contraception, access to abortion and who's going to pay for it all. It's really pretty degrading to women, I should think.
Great message Mr. President. I wonder if you'll show the ad to your daughters.