Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

A group of supporters of GOP candidate Robert Hurt, running for congress in Virginia's 5th district, are sitting outside minding their own business when a supporter of Hurt's Democrat opponent, Tom Perriello, happens by to engage the Republicans in some polite political dialogue over the issues. Much of the man's political wisdom was directed at a black woman who was among the Hurt supporters.

Warning - some of the technical jargon the Democrat employs may not be appropriate for mixed company:
Apparently, this gentleman did not receive the memo from Jim Wallis calling upon citizens to engage in civil dialogue this election season. Or maybe he thought this was pretty civil for a Democrat. Anyway, if a tea partier had launched this sort of racist, vile, and bigoted screed it would be all over the evening news, but since it was a Democrat, well, maybe the media just figures that that's really not news.

Video courtesy of TheBlaze.com

Yes, They're Angry

Throughout this campaign season the liberal media and the Democrats have been portraying Tea Partiers and other conservatives as "angry". Well, yes, they're angry writes Moe Lane at RedState.com. Who wouldn't be angry given what has been said about them and the people they respect and support during the last year.

Lane writes:
  • These people (liberals) told their clients (i.e. their readers and listeners) to say that:
  • you hate African-Americans.
  • you hate Latinos.
  • you hate gays.
  • you hate women.
  • you hate Jews.
  • you hate Muslims.
  • you hate the poor.
  • you hate America.
  • you were fascists.
  • you were theocrats.
  • you were stupid.
  • you were uneducated.
  • you were hatemongers.
  • you were insane.
  • you were violent extremists.
  • These people told their clients to call you unpatriotic.
  • to call you cowards.
  • These people told their clients to mock you at every opportunity.
  • to deliberately use a sexual slur when referring to you.
  • to trivialize and dismiss your concerns at every opportunity.
It's true that every one of the epithets and slanders Lane lists has been employed by liberals, either in the Democratic party, the main-stream media, or cable talk - or all three - against the Tea Party as a whole or against individual Tea Party-supported candidates at one point or another over the last year. If Tea Partiers are angry maybe they have a right to be.

If the "Tea-nami" that has been forecast actually materializes at the polls today the Left will have nothing and no one to blame for stirring up these hornets but their own policies and their own execrable, disgusting, rhetoric.


I know Juan Williams got fired from NPR for admitting this sort of thing, and I don't want anyone to think that I'm profiling or anything, but I have to say that from now on it's going to make me very nervous if I see Yemenis carrying toner cartridges onto an airplane.

Please don't think less of me.

Restoring Sanity, Or Not

Reason TV attended the John Stewart/Stephen Colbert Restore Sanity rally last Saturday and tried to get a sense of what was on the minds of the attendees. The results were pretty funny:
Even funnier are the interviews of attendees who were asked whether President Obama is a Keynesian. John Maynard Keynes, of course, was an economist who endorsed lots of government spending during times of recession in order to stimulate the economy. This is the President's view as well. Apparently, though, some of the attendees at the Restore Sanity rally couldn't tell the difference between being a Keynesian and being a Kenyan.

It's not often that something I see on the computer makes me laugh out loud, but this did. Watch:
And liberals are out there calling Tea Partiers simple-minded? These are the people that comprise the Democrats' electoral base? Lord help us.

Video courtesy of TheBlaze.com.