Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Is Going On?

What's going on with our president? He reportedly has a social security number issued in a state in which he's never lived. He's unwilling, or unable, to produce an original birth certificate, and now it seems he must have told a literary agency that he was born in Kenya. He apparently told them this in 1991 and the agency was still using that information on its biographical blurb until 2007, just after he started running for president.

Perhaps there are good explanations for all of these oddities (I think there probably is a plausible explanation for the social security number), but taken in the aggregate they certainly give the impression that all is not as it seems with our president. This last development is particularly troubling because the agency that used the Kenya reference for more than a decade must have gotten the information from Mr. Obama himself, and, if they misunderstood it, he nevertheless allowed the misunderstanding to continue until after he started campaigning for president.

Did he fabricate being born in Kenya before he ever anticipated a run for the presidency in order to make himself look more exotic, as did Elizabeth Warren with her ludicrous claim to be Native American, or did he fabricate being born in Hawaii in order to make himself constitutionally eligible for the presidency?

As I said, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it would go a long way toward alleviating legitimate concerns if he would just give us an explanation for these incongruities. It would also be nice if our supine media would show a little interest in the president's provenience. Maybe Erick Erickson at Red State hit the mark when he attributed the media's disinterest in the matter of Mr. Obama's birthplace to the fact that they're already convinced he was born in Bethlehem.