Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out of His Depth

David Berlinski responds to a scathing review of Expelled by National Review's John Derbyshire. Derbyshire is an intelligent, well-educated man who often writes sagely except when he turns his pen to the topic of intelligent design and related matters. Then he seems to come all unraveled and says and does the silliest things, like reviewing a movie he hasn't seen.

In any event, despite his acumen, he's no match for Berlinski, and he should have known better than to insult Berlinski in his review, tacitly referring to him as an eccentric non-Christian crank. Berlinski's riposte is a treat to read.

If you read both essays, do Derbyshire's first. If you have time for only one, read Berlinski's.


American Jew Hatred

David Horowitz brings us up to date on the parlous condition freedom of speech finds itself in on American university campuses. According to Horowitz the major threat comes from an alliance of leftists and Muslim student groups. Reading his report one can't help but think that if the holocaust ever recurs in the West, it'll start in our institutions of higher learning.