Welcome to Viewpoint

Join us as we set out to explore topics of interest in politics, religion, science, education, and whatever else catches our eye. This site will be in part a distribution center for outstanding articles on these topics that we find on the web as well as our own personal sorties into the battle zones of the culture war. We also plan to afford you an opportunity to respond with thoughts, and even dissent, of your own. We intend to post three or four days a week and hope that what we post is informative and useful.

It seems a vanity to think that we might have something to say that is worth other peoples' time. On the other hand, humility can sometimes impose a reticence that yields the field to those who have no reservations about voicing their opinions. So, with an acute awareness of our own shortcomings we've chosen to let readers decide whether our blog is worth their time or not.

Some might say that there are so many people doing this sort of thing, why start another? We think that one of the best ways to understand and become involved in important affairs is to talk about them. Simply reading about them in isolation from others is only moderately helpful. We hope to provide a forum here at Viewpoint where people who have an interest in these matters but who might not otherwise have an opportunity to discuss such things have a place to go not only to read what others think but also to be heard themselves.

The major media appear to be failing in their obligations both to inform and to educate. They seem to have chosen instead to amuse and to advocate. In their abdication they have left a vacuum into which has rushed the contemporary "blogosphere". This new form of media has seized the baton from the exhausted, wheezing major broadcast and print journalism organizations, and the elite minority which runs them, and bids to supplant them as the primary source of news analysis and opinion for millions of people. It is a stunning example of "power" truly devolving to the people. We hope to make a small contribution to that noble endeavor.

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