Friday, January 2, 2009

Ground War

DEBKAfile outlines Hamas' strategy against an Israeli ground invasion and occupation of Gaza. They hope to wear the Israelis down by inflicting steadily mounting casualties until Israel can no longer muster the political support to maintain its occupation and are forced to withdraw. Read how they hope to accomplish this at the link.

Israeli sources claim that Hamas' apparent eagerness to engage an Israeli ground assault is bluster intended to boost morale and that, in fact, Palestinian forces are scared and ill-prepared to face a modern armored attack.

The Times Online is reporting that the ground invasion is expected tonight.

There's lots of interesting information on this conflict at all of the above links.



Hamas militants are videotaped loading rockets onto a truck to transfer them to launch sites where they would be used in an attempt to kill Israeli women and children. Fortunately for the intended victims, but unfortunately for these particular terrorists, the taping was being done by a missile-armed UAV. Things end badly for the terrorists.


Protest Roundup

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has a roundup of many of the protest demonstrations launched in the wake of the Israeli attacks on the terrorists in Gaza. It's disturbing to see how much irrational antipathy there is among American Muslims and left-wing anti-war people for Christians, Jews, and America in general, and these were demonstrations held in American cities. Evidently (read some of the comments at the link), it's far worse in Europe where Arab populations are greater and anti-semitic hatreds are once again becoming fashionable.

What is particularly disturbing is the prevalence of the view that it's a shame, essentially, that one person keeps shooting bullets into his neighbor's house, but that if his neighbor, frustrated that no one makes the shooter stop, chooses finally to fight back, he's guilty of an atrocity.

Given the failure of the rest of the world to do anything effective to stop Hamas from terrorizing Israelis, and given Hamas' obvious goal of killing as many Israelis as they can until they have destroyed the Jewish nation, Israel has no recourse but to destroy Hamas or to commit national suicide. Much of the rest of the world, apparently, wishes they would opt for suicide, and they despise Israel for not going along.


The Difference Between Them

Hamas has, according to some reports, prevented many Palestinians in Gaza from fleeing to Egypt for medical care, but the hospitals in Gaza are already overfull from the Israeli bombing, so where are injured and sick Palestinians going for care? Israel. One wonders how many Israelis would ever be treated in a Palestinian hospital.