Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three Things

A recent column by Dennis Prager got me thinking about how our country has changed since I was a boy. To see what I mean try this:

Name three things, other than racial discrimination and those advances that depend on technology, that are better about American society and culture today than they were fifty years ago.

I can't either.

Read Prager's column to see the sorts of things he thinks we've lost.


Of Principles and Polygraphs

The luster is quickly fading from the Obama mystique. The man who has spent his political career campaigning on the promise of reform turns out to be just as opportunistic, at least when it comes to campaign financing, as anyone else.

As soon as it became apparent that his principled opposition to private financing of campaigns was working to his disadvantage he abandoned his principled opposition.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Even Newsweek, a magazine which will almost certainly endorse Obama in November, calls his move "lame."

Liberal columnist Mark Shields is disillusioned to the point of essentially calling Obama a liar. He complains that Obama would be unable to pass a polygraph test.