Friday, August 3, 2012

Simply Uninformed

Perhaps the person who posted this picture on the internet, along with the superimposed commentary, is still an adolescent in which case he/she may have an excuse for the ignorance and lack of thought it seems to evince:

After all, who does the poster of this pic think runs the food banks and homeless shelters? Readers of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens? The secular Marxist/Leninists? Most ministries to the poor in this country are staffed by Christians. Most charitable giving is given by Christians. Many hospitals and retirement homes were founded and run by Christians.

A week before this unfortunate picture was circulated on the internet Glenn Beck held an event in Texas which included a day of service in which thousands of people from all over the country came to Texas to work among the poor, painting their houses, delivering food, etc. Fourteen tractor trailers loaded with food were sent off to 11 cities to help feed people.

Perhaps the poster of the above message didn't know about this, which is understandable since the major media hardly mentioned it - tens of thousands of people gathering to recapture a sense of community without the government being involved is evidently not something they deem newsworthy - but it happened, and perhaps our uninformed friend should visit this site to see a few pictures of part of the "Day of Service" and to find out what it is Christians are actually doing. Maybe he/she will be chagrined enough to want to take down the photo.

Drive-Thru Hero

Some people are so earnestly self-righteous that they just can't help embarrassing themselves. This particular example, a man named Adam Smith, is an adjunct professor at a college in Arizona and also CFO/Treasurer at Vante Corp. His idea of standing up for his convictions is to harangue a young woman, an employee at Chick-fil-A who has nothing to do with her employer's views on gay marriage.

Nor, by the way, are the CEO's personal views on gay marriage the views of Chick-fil-A as a corporation. CFA doesn't discriminate in their hiring nor in whom they will serve, but a lot of news coverage is treating CEO Dan Cathy's remarks about his personal beliefs as though they were corporate policy.

Anyway, this guy is so infatuated with his own moral superiority that he videotapes himself preparing to lecture a young employee on the hatefulness of her CEO's stand for traditional marriage and how he doesn't know how she can live with herself working for this company:
This noble warrior against hate then posted the video on YouTube where it outraged many, including his bosses at Vante who fired him yesterday, probably for being an obnoxious jerk.