Saturday, November 5, 2005

It's a Quagmire For Sure

This bit of satire was posted at IMAO.

I've been looking at the news and I have to say that the casualties are really starting to get to me. Victim after hapless victim has fallen to this administration in a conflict that makes no sense. So we have to ask the very important question:

Has the Democrats' War on President Bush turned into a quagmire? Maybe it's time for them to look at reality of the Senate and, if appropriate, start formulating a comprehensive plan for withdrawal.

Since 2000, how many Democratic Senators have been lost to the RNC re-election war machine? Has it been worth it? How many reporters? Mr. Rather? Ms. Mapes? I don't have the Fake But Accurate data on hand, but I'm sure it's a lot.

Sure, there has been a glimmer of light. A two year investigation about outing a CIA operative turned into an indictment. Because of it, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of staff, was forced to resign. This set back the Vice President's office for two hours until somebody found the Staples Office Supply Catalog. Then all was well. But shouldn't a two year investigation yield a conviction into the actual real charges?

Sure, the Democrats can try to come up with false numbers of hope:like MOST of the Democratic voters were dead AFTER they voted, but the reality looks them in their grim, non-photoshopped faces. The elections numbers tell the story. The Dems are losing this war and it's only getting worse. They are the Ding Dongs on the Michael Moore Plate Of Life.

Can they beat these brave RNC insurgents? Republicans are people who fight with unconventional tactics. They'll remember Democrat's speeches and quote them when it contradicts the current, and opposite Democrat position. They'll ignore polls and do what they believe. And most importantly, they'll never be convinced that either Communism or Barbra Streisand can be a force for good.

The RNC has a lot of religious zealots. People who won't think twice about storming a clinic and carrying out the unthinkable - letting an innocent fetus suffer a cruel and torturous life - never to die again - except when they're old and gray maybe. How do you fight that enemy? Without using bullets of course because gun control is very important. The answer is : they can't.

Sure the Democrats have their own suicide bombers like Howard Dean - but what they really need is leadership. Hillary Clinton (Motto: I don't have an official opinion yet - but I'm sure I'll denounce it.) is a good candidate but she's trying too hard to look Republican.

Harry Reid? This is a war of subtlety and ideas. He has neither. The Clintons do their dirty deeds in the dark. Not Harry. If Harry had Monica Lewinsky, he would have had her right there at the podium, with a big giant Tip Jar front and center for all his Democratic supporters. Even when he calls a private, closed session, he's determined to tell the whole world about it.

Let's face it. The Dems' battle with George Bush has turned into another Vietnam. It's time to give them our support by helping them go home.

We concur. Show your support for the Democrats. Bring them home.

Mistaking Wishes For Evidence

Check The Fourth Rail for a roundup of news on military operations in Iraq. Among the reports was news of a single airstrike on a safehouse at which there was a meeting of a number of leaders of al Qaida in Iraq. The strike killed five of them. The dead are named and their roles are described at the link. The coalition must be getting very good intelligence to be able to hit a meeting like this.

Also in the post was this account of the fate of several Libyan terrorists who came to Iraq to be martyred for Allah:

In Sadah, a Libyan terrorist and five others are killed after being trapped in the rubble of a not-so-safe house. He stated he had a suicide vest on and would detonate it, so the MArines of the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment obliged and detonated it for him. The Army Times reports others trapped in the house were Libyans as well: "At least two other men remained trapped in the rubble, shouting religious slogans. Like the apparent suicide bomber, he told the interpreter and Iraqi soldiers they were Libyan and had infiltrated through the Syrian border, which lies less than 10 miles west of Sadah." Three Marines were injured in the combat in Sadah.

Also noteworthy is this:

Elsewhere in Baghdad, two insurgents die in a "work accident" as their car bomb suffered from premature detonation. "Route Irish", the notorious road from Baghdad Airport to the city, has seen a marked decrease in attacks; "Between April and June, 14 car bombs went off along the airport road, called Route Irish by the military. There were 48 roadside bombs, officially known as improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and 80 small-arms attacks. Sixteen people were killed. In the past two months, there have been no car bombs and nine IEDs. One Iraqi soldier has been killed." The success is chalked up to improving tactics and altering the operations along the route.

In Buhriz, insurgents attacked a Iraqi police checkpoint en masse, and are repelled. Six Iraqi police are killed and ten are wounded, but the insurgents failed to overrun their position. Long gone are the days when Iraqi forces flee the battle; today they stand and fight.

As long as the insurgents had only to worry about fighting Americans they could always hope that we would tire of the conflict and eventually leave. Their thinking probably was that all they had to do was outlast us and Iraq would be theirs. The emergence of effective Iraqi military and police, however, has changed the picture dramatically. Now the insurgents are in a race to get us out before the Iraqis become so proficient that they can no longer see a light at the end of the tunnel. As we have said before, Bush's policy may be too slow, and it may yet fail, but to proclaim that it actually is failing, as many of his critics do, is to mistake wishes for evidence.