Thursday, December 1, 2016

No Follow-Up Attack

Why was there no significant follow-up attack by Islamists after their devastating attack on 9/11? The man who interrogated the terrorist who planned and organized 9/11, James B. Mitchell, gives an answer that may surprise. The strategist who planned the 9/11 attack, Kalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), was captured by American forces and subsequently interrogated. According to an article in The Federalist Mitchell described the response he got when he put the question to Mohammed this way:
Far from trying to draw us in, KSM said that al-Qaeda expected the United States to respond to 9/11 as we had the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut — when, KSM told Mitchell, the United States ‘turned tail and ran.’

‘Then he looked at me and said, ‘How was I supposed to know that cowboy George Bush would announce he wanted us ‘dead or alive’ and then invade Afghanistan to hunt us down?’’ Mitchell writes. ‘KSM explained that if the United States had treated 9/11 like a law enforcement matter, he would have had time to launch a second wave of attacks.’ He was not able to do so because al-Qaeda was stunned ‘by the ferocity and swiftness of George W. Bush’s response.’
It was Bush's application of enormous military might in Afghanistan that aborted any attempt to hit the U.S. again, but that doesn't mean that the Islamists have given up. Mohammed forecast exactly what we're seeing happen in the U.S. and Europe today:
KSM explained that large-scale attacks such as 9/11 were ‘nice, but not necessary’ and that a series of ‘low-tech attacks could bring down America the same way ‘enough disease-infected fleas can fell an elephant.’ ’ KSM ‘said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States’ and ‘wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws’ until they were strong enough to rise up and attack us. ‘He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people would eventually become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.’ ‘Eventually,’ KSM said, ‘America will expose her neck for us to slaughter.’
The article closes with this thought:
“America may not be in a religious war with him, but he and other True Muslims are in a religious war with America,” KSM said. “He and his brothers will not stop until the entire world lives under Sharia law.”
Never mind that, we're told, compassion requires of us that we bring into the country as many "True Muslims" as we can. If they eventually rise up, like the fellow at Ohio State, or the couple in San Bernadino, or the guy at Fort Hood, or the shooter in Orlando, or any number of other examples here and in Europe, and slaughter our children, well, then, maybe we deserve it for being infidels. Or for being foolish.