Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When it comes to hating one's political opponents it's hard to beat the left for sheer meanness. Margaret Thatcher died yesterday at the age of 87. For those too young to remember she was the Prime Minister of England throughout the 1980s, a woman who almost single-handedly restored England to fiscal health and military formidability. She rescued her people from economic malaise, but her methods were despised by the left because she reined in the labor unions and stripped them of much of their power. Together with Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul she was also credited with having broken the stranglehold the Soviet Union had over Eastern Europe, which two achievements probably account for much of the left's animus against her.

She left office 22 years ago, but such is the hatred of some on the left that they've been partying in the streets of England ever since word of her life-ending stroke became public.

There truly is something sick about people who would behave this way. Some of these people were probably children when she was Prime Minister, they probably have little personal memory of her, and yet they're filled with so much spite that they'll go to the trouble to join in a demonstration celebrating her death. One wonders what it is about leftism that so many people like this are attracted to it:
There's more video here if you have the stomach for it. Thatcher was a great woman, but even were she not it's sad that those who disagreed with her policies feel the need to rejoice in her death. It's the sort of behavior one expects from, well, savages. You can read a much more favorable opinion of her legacy here.