Friday, April 3, 2015

Hate and Degradation

Some of our friends on the left recently showed themselves to be bullies and haters by going on twitter to utter threats and imprecations against a young woman and her father who own a pizza shop in Indiana because the woman, when interviewed by a news reporter eager to find evidence of homophobia in the state, replied to the reporter's question by saying she would not cater a gay wedding. Thousands of vitriolic and vile tweets ensued, one from a teacher, no less, who urged people to go with him to burn the pizza shop down. In a sane world that man would be fired. He certainly should not be in a position of influence over young people.

At any rate, in reaction to the outpouring of hate, a website was set up where those who support the father and daughter, who had to close their shop out of fear of the cretins who threatened them, could make contributions to help defray their financial loss. As of this afternoon the total amount pledged had reached an amazing $750,000, and some of the donors were themselves gays sickened by the treatment meted out to this family. The success of the fund-raiser has driven some on the left to even greater frenzies of lunacy.

Having failed to ruin this family business, as they had apparently hoped, some are now claiming that the whole event was an orchestrated set-up by the family which, it's alleged, somehow knew they'd benefit from public sympathy. The liberal mind is a mysterious thing, to be sure, but this has to be the nuttiest bit of left-wing paranoia most of us have ever encountered.

A gentleman by the name of Michael Poole, a possessor, apparently, of amazing powers of discernment and deserving of all the public opprobrium he receives, has tweeted that the whole thing was a con. You can read his tweets at the Washington Free Beacon which delivers a great satire on those who, like Mr. Poole, will believe any story, no matter how far-fetched, rather than believe that they are themselves a bunch of hate-filled bigots.

Watch this interview with the shop owner on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox and decide for yourself whether this girl is capable of the machinations Mr. Poole has conjured up.
There's a substantial difference between denying people service who come into your store and being asked to participate by them in an activity which you find morally objectionable, but it's a distinction beyond the ken of folks blinded by their own hatreds and demons.

I suspect that what the left finds most outrageous in this whole awful episode is that anyone should actually have a moral objection to homosexual/lesbian weddings. They don't want mere tolerance of the gay lifestyle, they don't want merely to be legally equal to heterosexuals in terms of the rights they enjoy, they want more than that - they want assent and affirmation. If you wish to see what some of these people are like read their comments at You Tube. It's almost hard to believe that there's so much hate and human degradation out there, but evidently there is.