Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Astonishing Cephalopods

My friend Justin sent along this wonderful video. Keep in mind as you watch it that despite any doubts you may have, these creatures evolved these marvelous abilities purely by undirected random accident. It's important to remember this lest you fall prey to those nefarious Intelligent Design people who are always trying to convince us of the silly idea that the living world, as well as the physical cosmos, is chock full of evidence of purpose and intention:


Most Hated Man in America

Polls show John McCain in a statistical dead heat with either of the Democrat candidates. If the election were held today it would be a tie.

The odd thing is that I have seen no mention of the impact on these numbers of the entry into the race of Ralph Nader. Nader has been getting about 5% of the vote most of which is surely being pulled away from the Democrats. If a state like Ohio or Florida is close in November and Nader gets 5% of the vote there it would swing the election to the GOP and Nader would replace Bush as the most hated man in America.


Damage Control

Planned Parenthood of Idaho tries to control the damage from the hoax perpetrated upon them by a UCLA student newspaper called The Advocate. It looks like there may be more audio on the way of similar calls made to PP affiliates in Ohio and several other states.



Somehow, I can't see John McCain inspiring a song like this, but who knows?

AllahPundit at Hot Air, to whom we owe thanks for pointing us to this video, says that after watching it:

I'm thinking of voting for him now, but I have this theory that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by the U.S. government and "the Jew" to reestablish their hold over the white power structure and I'm not sure if I'd be welcome in the tent. Oh, I would? Oh, cool. Cool.

Whether he'd be welcome in Obama's "tent" I can't say, but with views like that he'd sure be welcome at Obama's church.