Tuesday, January 22, 2008

March For Life

Thousands of people marched in Washington today on behalf of the right of unborn children to live their lives. I know this because I get my news from the internet. I saw almost nothing about it in the MSM, including FOX, but maybe I just missed it. Even so, look at this picture:

If those were people marching for abortion rights, or if they were marching for civil rights, or gay marriage, or for open borders, or against the war in Iraq their march would have been wall to wall headline news. Today, however, all the news shows evidently decided to give their attention to the really important development - the death of an actor from Brokeback Mountain.

Of course, they did this because not only is that the sort of thing which is of great moment to the people who write and report the news, but also because the last thing they want to do is show the nation and the world that there are thousands of people willing to come to Washington to protest Roe v. Wade. The media and their liberal allies in Congress want people to think that if they're pro-life, they're about the only people in the country who are.

So, I'm going to give the March For Life folks a little unsolicited advice for next year: Get Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears to march with you. It'll guarantee media coverage.


Good News Is No News

Chuck Asay takes note of the sudden and almost complete lack of interest among Democrats and the media in talking about the war in Iraq:

Just last summer it was all we were hearing about. Today, despite all the news there is to report on the progress that's being made there (see here, for example), there's virtually nothing being reported. Like one of the guys in the cartoon says, it makes you wonder who the media were rooting for.


The Case Against Hillary

When Christopher Hitchens is wrong (as he frequently is in his book God is Not Great) he's very wrong, but when he's right he's often a must-read. So it is with his essay at Slate titled The Case Against Hillary Clinton. Even so, as strong as is the case that Hitchens makes against voting for another Clinton presidency, it should be borne in mind that it is only a fraction of the total brief against her. Hitchens, constrained by space perhaps, makes no mention of the FBI files scandal, the Rose Law Firm files scandal, the shameful travel office firings, the cattle futures scandal, her volcanic temper and a host of other peccadillos, prevarications, and possible felonies for which anyone else but a Clinton would have long ago been cast by the media into political outer darkness.

Instead Mrs. Clinton has been elevated to the office of Senator by the most important state in the union and now finds herself with as good a shot as anybody to become the most powerful individual in the world.

Read Hitchens' essay and weep that such a person may be, by this time next year, the President of the United States.