Friday, December 14, 2012

Liberal Racism

Just as most of the political violence and incivility in today's society is on the left, so, too, is most of the racism. The latest example of this is found in comments made by a black ESPN analyst named Rob Parker:
So, if a black man is a Republican or has a white fiance then he's not genuinely black. He's not down for the struggle, in Mr. Parker's tribalistic worldview.

I wonder what the media would do to a white analyst who said similar things about a white athlete who had a black fiance. I'm pretty sure the analyst would be quickly dispatched to Mr. Obama's burgeoning list of unemployed persons, a list which happens to include a disproportionate number of "brothers," both cornball and otherwise.

Robert Griffith has made it a point to tell people that he's not interested in being identified as a "black" quarterback. He just wants to be identified as a man. Unlike racial troglodytes like Parker, Griffith refuses to live in the 1960s.