Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's Popularity

A candidate's selection of his running mate tells us much about the candidate himself. It's ironic that the prophet of hope and change offers us as his pick a lifetime Washington insider in Joe Biden while John McCain chose someone who really does represent genuine change and has actually achieved it as Governor of Alaska. For Senator Obama change we can believe in is Joe Biden, for McCain it's Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin has been faulted for a lack of experience, a charge that sounds hollow coming from Obama supporters whose man has much less of the kind of experience relevant to serving as a national CEO than does the Alaskan Governor, but one thing in which she is surely experienced is battling political corruption.

This article in the Weekly Standard by Fred Barnes fills us in a little on who Sarah Palin is, and why she's so popular. She really does represent what Barack Obama claims to represent - a new kind of politics. Palin has been the scourge of shady politicians in Alaska, but unlike reformers whose focus is only on malefactors in the other party, she seems to have gone after her own party first.

There's much about her for both conservatives and liberals to like. I wish she had been Governor of Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Jason for passing the article along.


Health Care

The other day we linked to this essay which was very critical of socialized health care. One of the criticisms of the Democrats' plan to nationalize medical care is that people in countries which have adopted similar plans must endure extremely long waits before they can have even critical procedures done.

This cartoon by Ramirez pretty much sums up what many experts think we can expect if we ever do adopt a European style system:

Ramirez has a special talent for making a picture speak a thousand words.