Friday, December 10, 2004

Humvee Armor and Troop Levels

When we wrote yesterday (see here) that the question with which Secretary Rumsfeld was confronted the other day was a good one and shouldn't be dismissed because of the devious way it came to be asked, we noted that there may be a good answer to the query but that, if so, Mr. Rumsfeld didn't give it.

Now a reader, Loren K., writes to advise us to check out this site (caution: strong language) for an answer to the armor on the Humvees question as well as answers to some of other puzzlements which have popped up along the way. The blogger is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and certainly knows what he's talking about. His account of the Humvee armor situation is very good, but his explanation as to why we don't have more troops in Iraq is even better (scroll up to find it). He doesn't absolve the administration completely on the matter of troop levels, but he does explain the difficulty with simply committing all available troops to the theater. We wonder why the administration can't find people who can explain these things as clearly. They could save themselves a lot of trouble if they did.

Moving On Up

The Democratic Party continues its long march leftward, ensuring its permanent irrelevance.

MoveOn.Org, angry with the current party leadership which displays every now and then a vestige of moderation, has pronounced its ownership of the Democratic Party. They bought it, they own it, and they're taking it back.

Republicans are doubtless delighted at the news.