Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clash of Civilizations

As if the news isn't depressing enough these days the results of a new poll of world-wide Muslim opinion has recently been released. Details can be found here.

It turns out that moderate Muslims are to Islam what fiscal moderates are to the Democratic party. They may exist but not so as you'd notice. This quick summary will give you a sense of the flavor of the results:

Almost 40% of the Muslims in the Palestinian territories, which, mind you, are about to receive $900 million of our tax dollars courtesy of the Obama administration, favor, or at best have mixed feelings about, killing American civilians in the U.S. Eighty seven percent of Palestinians supported the attack on the USS Cole.

Almost half of all Pakistanis (some 86 million people) support killing European civilians.

Big majorities want strict Sharia law imposed in all Islamic countries (Sharia allows for murdering converts to Christianity, executing homosexuals, and other such acts of love, tolerance and human brotherhood). Large majorities also have positive feelings toward bin Laden.

There's much more from this poll to dampen any multicultural enthusiasms to which you may be clinging. Check it out at the link.

The survey was taken in Muslim countries which may not be indicative of Muslim beliefs elsewhere. I wonder what a canvass of Muslims in the U.S. would reveal. Would the results be significantly different? Let's hope.


Are We <i>Crazy</i>?

Let me be sure I understand this. On top of the original bank bailout of $700 billion came the $800 billion stimulus (which included nothing directed to help the biggest job generator in the nation, small business). Then yesterday the House passed a $410 billion spending bill with almost 9000 earmarks that President Obama in his speech the other night said would no longer be acceptable. Now comes word that we're going to spend almost a billion dollars to rebuild Gaza. On top of that the administration is putting together a plan to revamp health care that will cost another $640 billion just to get it started.

By the time this is all done we will have spent trillions of dollars that we don't have. I'm not a politician so I don't understand how you can just keep spending money you don't have, but I know if my family did this on our credit card we'd eventually lose everything we have. I also know if my neighbor did this I'd conclude that he's insane. Bernie Madoff ruined hundreds of lives and is going to prison for doing something just like this. Yet the Democrats, along with of a handful of Republicans, are doing pretty much the same thing.

Set aside the folly of nationalizing health care, subsidizing Hamas, wasting money on earmarked lard, and bailing out people who chose not to play by the rules, there's simply no way we can pay for all this without either inflating the currency, and/or piling ruinous debt on our children and grandchildren, and/or raising everyone's taxes.

President Obama says that only the very rich are going to have their taxes raised, but if he's to be believed, which I'm beginning to doubt more everyday, that still leaves us trillions of dollars in debt. In other words, the Democrats in Congress and the White House are leading this country toward a massive train wreck, and all much of the media seems to be able to do is make fun of Republicans, like Louisianna governor Bobby Jindall, who don't want to go along for the ride.

It's time to pray.