Friday, January 8, 2016

Suicidal Compassion

The news media is exploding with stories about Muslims attacking women in European cities. On New Year's Eve there were dozens of assaults by thousands of Muslim men on women in public spaces in cities all across Europe. In most of these cases women were surrounded by gangs of Arab or North African men who forcibly groped and kissed them.

In Cologne, Germany the mayor, in a classic case of blaming the victim, advised women to follow prudent rules of conduct as if it were imprudent to go to a fireworks display in the town square with one's friends. It would not be surprising if this mayor next recommended to the women of her city to don the burka to discourage Muslim men who are otherwise unable to control themselves:
Finns were shocked at the assaults in Helsinki where such crimes were heretofore unheard of.

In many European cities pepper spray is flying off the shelves. Some authorities are planning to instruct refugee men that assaulting and raping women is a no-no in Europe.

In England, 1400 young girls and boys were sexually abused, sodomized, tortured and threatened by gangs of Pakistani men over a period of several years, and that was in just one city, the city of Rotherham. The terror was allowed to go on for years because the victims were generally poor and the authorities feared being branded as bigots if they intervened:
Meanwhile, closer to home, two Iraqi refugees arrested in Texas for plotting terrorism, and a Philadelphia police officer was shot thirteen times just today by a man who claimed to have acted on behalf of Islam. The officer, you see, enforces laws which are antithetical to sharia and Islam decrees therefore that he must die.

The West is committing suicide by believing that somehow it can absorb millions of people who think this way and that social stability and harmony can be maintained nevertheless.

How many of those who advocate that we should open our doors to all who want to come in would invite into their homes men who believe in a religion that teaches that those who don't believe as they do should be killed, who believe that the daughters of their host are there to be fondled and raped, who need to be taught, for heaven's sake, that rape is wrong?

The answer, doubtless, is very few, and that serves to illustrate both the foolishness and the hypocrisy of what the Europeans are doing and what President Obama proposes to do. On New Year's Eve 2015 it was Cologne and other European cities where women were treated like livestock. If Mr. Obama has his way, on New Year's Eve 2020 it could well be your city.