Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Wisconsin

Michelle Malkin has a sampling of the fine examples Wisconsin's teachers are setting for their students in Madison. I won't put the images up here because they're too vulgar. It's pretty much a disgrace that these are the people we hire to teach our children.

Then there's this excellent summary of events in Madison at PowerLine which includes videos of doctors writing sick notes for people who called in sick to attend the protest. These doctors are defrauding the taxpayers and violating their professional code of ethics. If there's justice in Wisconsin they'll have their licenses to practice suspended or revoked. Here's one of at least two different doctors implicitly admitting to professional malpractice:
I don't know which is more dishonest, if either: Doctors writing fraudulent excuses or teachers using phony excuses in order not to lose pay for the days they missed.

By the way, if you go to these two sites notice the difference in the tenor of the signs of the Democrats and the tea partiers. The mainstream media hasn't had much to say about any of this, but you can bet it would be all over the Sunday shows and evening news if tea partiers, or (conservatives or Republicans) had behaved like the union members, liberals, and Democrats have behaved in Madison this week.