Friday, January 2, 2015

Cosmic Fine-Tuning

One of the most impressive arguments for the existence of an Intelligent Designer behind the universe is the extraordinary precision with which so many of the parameters, forces and constants that comprise the structure of our universe are set. The precision is so fine that should the value of any one of them have deviated from its actual value by the most unimaginably tiny amount the universe would either not have formed, or not have lasted, or not be the sort of place that could sustain life.

I suspect that 99.9% of the people who have lived on this planet have had no idea how incredibly improbable it is that such a universe as ours could have come into being.

Anyway, I came across a short video the other day which does an excellent job of illustrating this. The video is accessible to any reasonably intelligent, educated, and interested viewer and is only a few minutes long. Despite its brevity it provides a great education on the topic of cosmic fine-tuning. Give it a look: