Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

As 2010 gets under way we urge all of our readers to pray for our country and our leaders throughout the year.

Pundits are fond of declaring a particular time or election to be the most crucial in decades. After a while such claims sound a bit exaggerated, but without wishing to overstate matters I do think 2010 may well be a very critical year for our nation.

Decisions will be made by our leaders that could alter this country forever. Unless there's a change in philosophy and direction in 2010 we and our children will be saddled with enormous debt and crushing taxes. As our debts come due, the government is going to have to print more money to pay our creditors thus inflating the currency and making everyone poorer.

If either of the health care reform bills currently in Congress eventually become law we will, if the experience of other countries is any guide, witness the beginning of a deterioration in the quality and availability of our health care.

If cap and trade legislation becomes policy many observers believe energy costs and unemployment will both go up.

If immigration reform results in an amnesty for illegal aliens we'll almost certainly get more of them. Fewer jobs will be available to Americans looking for work, and states like Arizona and California, already groaning under the burden of trying to accommodate millions of poor immigrants, will be crushed by the demands placed upon schools, hospitals, social agencies, and police forces by the influx.

Whether 2010 is the most critical year in our history or not I would not even venture to speculate, but it certainly has the potential to be a watershed in the American experiment.

Let us pray that our leaders in Washington make wise decisions and that American citizens make wise decisions when they go to the ballot box in November.

May you and those you love have a healthy, safe, and fulfilling 2010.

Dick and Bill