Thursday, December 7, 2006

Pearl Harbor Day, 2006

Today is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 65 years ago. It's fitting that on this day we stop to reflect on the perils we face in today's world. I've been reading Mark Steyn's oustanding book on this very subject titled America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. Steyn has the unusual gift of being able to amuse the reader whilst informing him that calamity is on his doorstep, and indeed it seems to be. The following gloomy assessment is not necessarily Steyn's, but it was inspired by what he reveals in his book about the exploding growth of the Muslim population around the world and the diminshing populations of Europeans.

We are, as some have observed, in the same situation as was Europe in 1938. In the late thirties Hitler was testing Europe's resolve and finding their will agreeably weak he decided it was propitious to seize as much of their land as he could. Europe's lassitude was their undoing. War was to them such a distasteful prospect that they convinced themselves that it really was not in the offing, that Hitler was not really the threat to them that people like Winston Churchill were telling them he was. They deluded themselves into a sense of false security just as we're doing today.

The modern threat is not German Naziism, rather it is Muslim fascism. The Islamic world has been waiting for 500 years for their chance to destroy the Jewish and Christian worlds so that they can establish Islam and Sharia law everywhere across the globe. They believe that the fullness of time has come and that we are living on the cusp of a new Islamic age when all will worship Allah, bow to the imams and revere the Koran.Yet despite the lateness of the hour, Europe and much of the U.S. acts as if there really were no Panzer divisions poised to strike across the Rhine, no Japanese fleet poised to launch their aircraft at Pearl Harbor.

The Islamo-fascists are daily probing our will, testing our resolve, searching out our weaknesses. The recent bizarre behavior of the six imams who were removed from the USAir jet is just a recent example of the constant testing to which they are subjecting our security. The pressure is building, especially in Europe, and large tracts of that continent have displayed a deep desire to appease and a total unwillingness to resist. Spain, for example, capitulated to the dictates of the jihadis after the Madrid train bombings. They elected just two days after the carnage a socialist government that had campaigned on the promise to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq. Once in office they promptly withdrew their troops, and sent the Muslim world the message that they had had enough and would not offer any impediment to the spread of the Muslim caliphate when the time came.

And the time is coming. Right now the Muslim world is biding its time waiting patiently for several factors to coalesce. They know that soon they will have achieved ireversable demographic superiority in Europe which will give them political power to dictate European foreign policy. They also know that soon some of them will have nuclear weapons which will intimidate nations which might otherwise be inclined to resist them. And they know that soon George Bush will be either weakened by his political enemies or, by 2008, out of office, and the last man with the spine and strength to stand in their way will be gone.

As these three factors conflate over the next two years the Islamic juggernaut will grow unstoppable. There will either be war or bitter and humiliating surrender to these primitives everywhere across the globe. Time is on their side. Psychological certainty that they are doing the will of Allah works to their advantage, and the West is either oblivious to the danger or lacking the will to do what's necessary to forestall it. Most of Europe, including Russia, will fall into their hands with scarcely a whimper. Israel will face extermination. The U.S. will be isolated, alone, confronted not only by the threat of total war with the Islamic world but also by threats from China and North Korea. We will be unable, short of launching a nuclear war, to halt the Islamic annihilation of western civilization in its cradle.

Perhaps it's thought that I overstate the danger to the lives and well-being of our children posed by the Muslim world. Perhaps, but I can think of no better way for anyone who thinks so to spend whatever spare time one might have over the coming holidays than by reading America Alone. It may be too late to stop the Muslim tsunami about to inundate Europe, but if it can be stopped it will only be because people, unlike the Europeans in 1938, see clearly the gathering storm.

The ISG Report

The long anticipated report of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) is in and with the exception of the very strange recommendation to bring Iran and Syria into negotiations for implementing stability in Iraq, there doesn't seem to be much that they recommend Bush do that his administration isn't already doing.

The members of the ISG urge that we accelerate the training of Iraqi military and police so that they can take over more of their own security but by all reports such training is already proceeding as quickly as it can.

They call for a withdrawal of combat troops by 2008 if conditions permit. Does anyone seriously think that the Bush administration is not anxious to get combat troops out of Iraq as soon as conditions permit? If the ISG really means to recommend that troops stay as long as the situation there requires then they're simply affirming Bush's policy. If they're saying that we should leave in 2008 whether Iraq is stable or not then they're calling for abject surrender. Either way the recommendation is pointless.

They also appear to regard Israel as a serious impediment to peace in the region, and, although they urge that all of Iraq's neighbors be involved in working out a peaceful solution in Iraq, they pointedly exclude Israel. It seems a bit perverse to urge that Iran and Syria, who are the cause of most of the problems in the Middle East, be included in the process but Israel be shunned.

There are 79 recommendations all told and many of them are doubtless good ideas, but they're not original ideas. For the most part, where the ISG makes a worthwhile recommendation they recommend what the administration is already doing. Where the recommendations are not good, as in treating Iran and Syria as if they were anything but thugs, criminals and assassins, they should be ignored.

Powerline says that the report is about as bad as advertised. Ed Morissey at Captain's Quarters has some excellent analysis as well.