Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tough Ad

I wonder how much play this ad is getting across the country. It's amusing that in Pennsylvania, where I live, the Democratic candidate for governor is running ads critical of the "politicians in Harrisburg," but Harrisburg is pretty much controlled by Democrats. Another Democrat candidate for the federal legislature is explicitly identifying himself as a conservative. How many Democrats are identifying themselves as liberals, or even as Democrats? Why do they feel they have to deceive the voters in order to win? Why are they willing to deceive the voters in order to win?

Thanks to Hot Air for the video.

The Culture of Death

The video below illustrates how people start to think when the society in which they live loses its belief that human persons are made in the image of God. Once we abandon the sense that we participate somehow in the transcendent, when we lose the sense that human beings are a little lower than the angels and begin to believe that we're not much different than cattle, we find ourselves on a fast track toward a culture of death.

The speaker in this video is a British advice columnist named Virginia Ironside. The clip picks up just as she has opined that, "If a baby’s going to be born severely disabled or totally unwanted, surely an abortion is the act of a loving mother." She then adds: "If I were the mother of a suffering child – I mean a deeply suffering child – I would be the first to want to put a pillow over its face… If it was a child I really loved, who was in agony, I think any good mother would."

Watch it to get a sense of how the progressives on the left think:
What's particularly chilling to me about this clip is not just that Ms Ironside is willing to murder her child to end the child's suffering, but the complete lack of anguish that she seems to feel at the prospect. She's apparently no more conflicted about smothering her suffering child to death than she would be about changing the unfortunate tyke's nappy.

Once people begin to think as this woman does, once they can contemplate murdering a child with even less emotion than most people would show in contemplating euthanizing an injured kitten, society is on the road back to Auschwitz.

Here's another example of how we are being assaulted with sickening images of death and how we are becoming desensitized to the idea of putting to death those who resist the fashionable left-wing solutions to environmental and other problems. I don't recommend you do it, but if you have a strong stomach you might go here and watch the video made to "encourage" people to participate in the effort to reduce their carbon footprint. How much deeper into the sewer of depravity and dehumanization can we sink before people demand that we reverse course?