Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Pianka's Predicament

University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka denies that he endorses bio-terrorism, and maybe he doesn't, but there's a lot of evidence to suggest that he does. Bill Dembski writes the following:

The scientific establishment is closing ranks and now portraying Pianka as a benefactor of humanity despite his recommendation that 90% of humans be eliminated by airborne Ebola (see previous entries about Pianka on this blog). For an example of the spin, look here. Interestingly, a video interview with Pianka that is available at that site has now been doctored. At the close of the interview (before it was doctored, and which was available earlier today), Pianka is heard saying: "We need to plan our collapse rather than just let it happen to us." One could almost think this is an invitation to bioterrorism.

Before you buy the upcoming media spin on Pianka ("he's just a kindly, saintly old biologist deeply concerned about overpopulation who is being misrepresented by right-wing extremists"), ask yourself if it doesn't strike you as odd that prior to making his speech before the Texas Academy of Sciences (the speech that led to all the uproar), Pianka requested cameras and tape recorders be switched off because folks aren't ready to hear what he has to say. And now, when word of what he said gets out, he wants to play the part of the injured, misunderstood party.

Let's be clear: Pianka has not recanted anything. But he is now overtly denying what he said. Not to worry. The local newspaper and Texas Monthly have tapes of a second speech in which he made essentially the same points about ridding the earth of humans. Transcripts of the second speech are being made and will be available shortly.

Professor Pianka, according to the local paper linked to at the beiginning of this post, seems to have cleaned from his web-site a lot of information that could reasonably be interpreted as inculpating. We'll be interested to see what the afore-mentioned transcripts have to say.

Berlinski, Part 3

David Berlinski continues his tongue-in-cheek interview with himself in part 3 at Intelligent Design the Future. Along the way he discusses how odd it is that there has been such a vigorous allergic reaction in the evolutionary community to Intelligent Design.

A Public Disgrace

Michelle Malkin has a photo of Cynthia McKinney's Get Out of Jail Free card:

The radio news reported last night that McKinney is going to file charges against the police officer who tried to stop her from entering the Capitol Building without going through the metal detector. This poor guy probably barely makes enough money to provide a comfortable living for his family, yet he nevertheless is prepared to defend our politicians with his life. He performs his duties as he is required by stopping this arrogant, pompous, self-important knucklehead, and she smacks him for his impertinence and calls him a racist. Then she threatens to press charges against him. These are the tactics of a low class bully.

Laboring under the delusion that she's nobility rather than a public servant, this woman evidently thinks that being elected to public office makes her somehow superior to those whose job it is to protect American citizens. She doesn't have to follow the rules that apply to the rest of us commoners. Her attitude toward this policeman, and others with whom she's had similar unseemly altercations, is a fitting metaphor for the left's attitude toward national security.

She claims that her only crime was being in Congress while black when, in fact, her crime is being in Congress while simultaneously being an imbecile.

Ms McKinney doesn't belong in the position she's in. Not only does she lack the intellectual heft required for the job, she also lacks the moral qualifications necessary for the role of a Congressperson. That someone as d�class� as she would be elected to a position of such high responsibility is a national disgrace and embarrassment.

The Right Brothers on Video

The Right Brothers rock on for Bush. Good stuff, as far as it goes. Sounds a lot like Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

Now, if only Bush were as right on immigration and spending as he has been on the matters the Brothers praise him for we'd be singing right along.