Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's the Doofus?

So last October an atheist marched in a Halloween parade dressed as "Zombie Mohammad." This insult to the Prophet so incensed a Muslim onlooker that the man leaped upon the hapless infidel and began to strangle him until removed by the police. The assault landed both the Muslim and the atheist in court where the judge dismissed the assault charges against the attacker and proceeded to insult and lecture the victim, calling him a "doofus," of all things.

It turns out that under sharia law, which the judge invoked, the Muslim man was justified in trying to kill the wretched blasphemer, but of course the parade wasn't in Iran or Saudi Arabia, it was in Pennsylvania. Who would have thought that Pennsylvanians are now subject to sharia law?

Andrew McCarthy has the story at National Review along with the transcript of the judge's lecture. It reads as if the judge may have been a couple of martinis over his limit. Let's hope so. The alternative is that the judge is pretty much of a doofus himself.