Monday, March 12, 2012


Maybe somebody more connected to the current vernacular can explain to me what the significant difference is between ABC referring to women as "bitches" and Rush Limbaugh referring to a particular woman as a "slut."

ABC has a show coming out titled GCB which stands for "Good Christian Bitches." The show is about nominally Christian women behaving badly. I haven't seen it, but those who have say that it's pretty offensive. If so, I wonder if there'll be any phone calls from Mr. Obama about how demeaning it is to call women "bitches" and how offensive it is to portray Christians behaving as if they lived by the standards of Hollywood celebrities.

Newt Gingrich makes the point that these folks would never dream of producing a show titled GMB about Muslims, and he's right. That would not only be insensitive, of course, but also dangerous, and Hollywood types are more noted for praising each other's courage than for actually being courageous.

Nor, for that matter, would they produce a show about "good black bitches," since this would certainly justify suspicions of racism, and members of the entertainment industry would rather contract AIDs than be called racists.

No, white Christian women are a safe vehicle by which to vent their inane little bigotries. There's no risk. No one will issue death threats and no one will call them racists. Anyone whose IQ is low enough to freeze water will have little difficulty in making it through an hour of GCB and will doubtless laugh heartily at the mindless, insipid "humor," and have their prejudices about both Christians and women reinforced. And Mr. Obama will have nothing to say about it.

Maybe if Rush Limbaugh had produced the show that'd be different.