Monday, March 5, 2012

Gooses and Ganders

There's an interesting development in the contretemps over Rush Limbaugh's recent intemperate and inexcusable name-calling. Recall that Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" after her testimony before Congress in which she bemoaned the fact that it's really hard for students to afford birth control while meeting all their other financial obligations and calling for insurance companies to essentially subsidize their social lives.

Limbaugh subsequently apologized to Fluke but now DNC Chair congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is criticizing Mitt Romney for not rebuking Rush Limbaugh. On Meet the Press Sunday morning Wasserman-Schultz said:
The bottom line is, the leading candidate on the Republican side for president couldn’t even bring himself to call Rush Limbaugh’s comments outrageous and call him out and ask him to apologize.
The irony - maybe irony isn't a strong enough word to describe this - is this: Last spring left-wing talk show host Ed Schultz (no relation to the congresswoman as far as I know), a big supporter of President Obama, twice gratuitously called another talk show host, Laura Ingraham, a slut.

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz demanded that President Obama condemn Ed Schultz? Why, no, of course not. Why should he be expected to do that? Repudiating their supporters is only something Republicans should be required to do. Here's Mr. Schultz:
Ms Wasserman-Schultz would have a lot more credibility if she demanded of Mr. Obama what she's demanding of Mr. Romney. Don't hold your breath, though.