Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The World We've Created

Another heartbreaking spasm of violence and a dozen families are plunged into unimaginable grief by a horrid little punk who thought it would give his life some measure of significance to inflict pain on others.

The left, of course, is seizing on the Santa Barbara tragedy as another example of why we need to get rid of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution and ban firearms even though the creepy guy who perpetrated this atrocity stabbed three of his victims and killed others with his car.

The chief irony, though, is that the reason people feel the need to arm themselves in this country is to protect themselves from the dysfunctional human beings that liberalism itself has created.

How so? Liberalism has given us a society immersed in pornography which turns young men into misogynistic hedonists who see women as nothing more than objects of sexual gratification and creates completely unrealistic expectations as to what a relationship with a woman should be. It has created a society in which the traditional family is under assault by easy divorce and an acceptance of unwed, single motherhood as morally unproblematic. It's a society in which fathers are seen as desirable but optional. It's a society in which the value of human life is increasingly being eroded, especially at the beginning and end of existence. It's a society which immerses its young in a culture of violence in its music, films, and video games. And at the bottom of all this, liberalism is intent upon completely secularizing life so that the only solid ground for instilling in young people a sense of right and wrong, a transcendent moral authority, dare not be mentioned in public fora.

How many more such crimes must we expect before we start to realize that the society that liberalism has built is producing generations of moral monsters whose lives are void of meaning and filled with seething resentments and frustrations?

The liberal thinks it a good thing that we have liberated ourselves from the chains of tradition - moral, family, and religious. They think it a great social advance that we are no longer bound to the notion that every child needs a father and a mother nor to outmoded archaic moral strictures, and, most importantly of all, that we are no longer accountable to God. We have created a better, freer, society - a society based upon individual human flourishing, a society in which the self and one's own fulfillment is more important than anything or anyone else. It's a society, however, in which violence, pornography, single motherhood, and secularism are mass-producing sociopaths and psychopaths.

A grief-stricken father of one of the victims of the California murders was on television last night asking how long the madness will last. Perhaps it'll last until we stop deluding ourselves that we can build a healthy society in the absence of strong families, in the absence of strong fathers, in the absence of sexual restraint, and in the absence of God.