Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The House Report on Benghazi, Etc.

The House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi released yesterday the report on their hearings into the attack on the American consulate in which four Americans died.

Mollie Hemmingway summarizes the report at The Federalist and lists five "takeaways," all of which are such serious indictments of the incompetence of the current administration and of Hillary Clinton that, were this a Republican administration, the media would be hammering away on it 24/7.

Here are Hemmingway's five points:
  1. The Administration deliberately misled the American public immediately and continually
  2. Inadequate Benghazi security was due to Clinton’s political considerations
  3. The military never sent men or machines to help even though it was requested
  4. Despite Obama's promises to thew nation the terrorists were never brought to justice
  5. The Administration did all it could to obstruct the investigation
Hemmingway explains each point in lucid detail and interested readers are urged to check out her column. A one sentence adumbration might be that the Obama administration in general, and Secretary Clinton in particular, lied repeatedly to the American people about Benghazi in order to protect themselves politically and to deflect attention from their own incompetence.

It's remarkable that some Americans are actually enthusiastic about the prospect of Hillary Clinton being handed complete control of this nation's foreign policy given her utter failure to demonstrate any competence in this area as Secretary of State.

In other news concerning the Clinton campaign Senator Elizabeth Warren has wholly discredited herself by coming out in energetic support of Ms Clinton's candidacy. Warren's political career has been devoted to emasculating the very Wall Street banks and financial institutions that have been Hillary's BFFs for the last twenty years. How Ms Warren can now, with sincerity, embrace Ms Clinton is mystifying.

One can understand why someone would not want to see Donald Trump as president. One can even understand, maybe, why someone might hold her nose and vote for Hillary to avoid having Trump as president. What passes understanding, though, is how anyone who has spent her political life fighting Wall Street's depredations, influence, and economic power, and who has a shred of integrity, can be excited about voting for a woman who has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from those same Wall Street fat cats and praise her as good for America and Americans. It's as if the head of Planned Parenthood were running for president and a prominent pro-lifer offered her her passionate support.

For Elizabeth Warren to enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton is to admit that everything Warren has stood for as a professor and a senator has been a sham. Such is the state of American politics today.