Monday, June 13, 2016

Why Are We Doing This?

In the wake of the horrific murders of over fifty homosexuals at a gay club in Orlando, a crime perpetrated by Omar Mateen, the Muslim son of Afghan immigrants, Americans need to ask themselves why we are bringing into this country millions of people who hold as a matter of course the view that gays must be killed.

Coincidentally, perhaps, an Iranian Imam recently gave a talk at an Orlando Mosque in which he stated flatly that gays must be killed and that doing so is an act of compassion:
This is a requirement enjoined by Islamic law, i.e. sharia. An article in Breitbart points out that nearly 30,000 Afghan migrants have been permanently resettled in the U.S. and that nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) support sharia as official law.

The article goes on to say that,
As legal immigrants, these migrants will be granted lifetime resettlement privileges, will be given automatic work permits, welfare access, and the ability to become voting citizens.

Between 2001 and 2013, the United States permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States.

In the next five years, without changes to our autopilot visa dispensations, the U.S. will permanently resettle a Muslim population larger than the entire population of Washington D.C.

Hillary Clinton has made clear that under a Clinton Presidency, these numbers will grow substantially higher. Based on the minimum numbers Clinton has put forth thus far, the U.S. will resettle 730,000 permanent migrants from the Muslim world during her first term alone.
Perhaps after this most recent act of savagery the gay community, which has a lot of influence in the Democrat party, will demand that the rush to fill North America with people who want to kill gays be reconsidered.

Perhaps, too, people on the left will now start to wonder what the Obama administration's rationale for the massive influx of Muslim immigrants might be.

As I asked in a previous post, what's the difference between the views of the average Muslim who supports sharia and the average Klansman or white supremacist? Would this administration be as eager to import several million deeply committed white supremacists into the country? Is there no way we can help refugees and others who wish to leave the hellish abattoirs their co-religionists have created in the Middle East without bringing them here?

Gay young men about to be hanged for violating sharia in Iran
Some think that a compassionate nation must perforce open its doors to these wretched people, but if there are unfortunates in your neighborhood who need relief is the only compassionate way to render them aid to bring them into your home? Would you permanently subject your family to people who hated you for your convictions about freedom and equality, who were prone to sexually abuse boys (as Afghans are), who thought your daughters were second class citizens, and who thought you should be required to pay them a tax (jizya)?

We must, to the extent that we can reasonably do so, come to the aid of those who suffer, but helping people in distress does not require of us that we be willing to commit national suicide or to sacrifice the lives and well-being of our sons and daughters on the altar of a distorted notion of compassion.