Saturday, July 9, 2016

Racism Is Not Racially Endemic

One meme that the Dallas shooting should put to rest (but won't since ideologues are impervious to falsification) is that racism is a uniquely white vice.

It's common, especially in the halls of the university, to hear racism defined as a form of oppression wielded by those with economic power over those who lack it. Since whites have all the economic power in our society, or so the argument goes, only whites can be racist.

This is, of course, a remarkably tendentious and self-serving definition of racism. A more realistic definition would be something like: Contempt for, hatred of, or bias against someone based upon his or her race. It actually has nothing to do with the particular race of the hater or the hated. Indeed, the two can even be of the same race.

One reason this definition is not accepted by those who adopt the first version is that, if it were, then by all appearances racism would appear to be more rampant in the black community than in the white, and that would be counterproductive to the narrative that racism is not only endemic to whites but also the cause of all the problems in the black community.

Individual examples of black racism may not add up to a valid conclusion that it's a rampant phenomenon, but nevertheless examples are disturbingly plentiful. There are morons, of course, who can be found in any racial group, but aside from them, consider what is taken as normal discourse by educated black professionals:
  • A black professor claimed that whites are programmed to commit mass murder.
  • Another avers that the lesson of Huckleberry Finn is that white people are the problem.
  • Actor Jamie Foxx riffed on how great it is to play in a movie, Django Unchained, in which he gets to butcher white people.
  • Then there are guys like this fellow who simply declares that he hates whites.
Every one of the foregoing would rightly be deemed an instance of racism had the races been reversed, and they're no less racist, or offensive, because they're manifested by a black person.

But more to the present point the Dallas cop-killer told police before they "neutralized" him that he hated white people and wanted to kill whites, especially white cops, which he did. If that's not racism nothing is, and it's too easy to find in the black community people who hate whites because they're white, and worse, are prepared to hurt people just because they're white.

Black racism is a serious social problem, one that needs to be addressed and suppressed, and we do the cause of race relations no favors by pretending it doesn't exist while magnifying every example of white racism that we can find. Indeed, most whites know black racism exists, and it simply embitters people when they're told by their supposed betters that it doesn't, but that they themselves are racist just by virtue of being white.