Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hannity vs OWS

A few days ago I had some harsh words for a guy named Chris Mooney who claims in his book that Republicans are, by nature, intellectually inferior, or something like that. I thought his thesis was absurd, but afterward I got to thinking that maybe Mooney had a point. After all, I thought, a lot of Republicans adore Sean Hannity, a phenomenon I have never understood, and it seems to me that I should admit that that has to count at least a little bit in favor of Mooney's claim.

Anyway, Hannity recently had a guy from Occupy Wall Street on his television show, and the fellow's ideas were so incredibly naive that he made Hannity look, if you could somehow set aside his typical boorish self-righteouness, like a font of sagacity and reason. Here's the clip:
This is why OWS is going nowhere, and why people like Nancy Pelosi and others among the Democrat left simply make themselves look foolish when they embrace them. The guy evidently thinks that the rest of us owe him a living. He wants everything to be free, much like it is in Greece. One wonders how much he's really thought about any of this.