Friday, May 4, 2012

Musings on the News

A couple of thoughts on recent events in the news:

When it was discovered that the GSA had squandered a million dollars of our tax money to amuse themselves in Las Vegas there was justifiable outrage in the media. It seemed so irresponsible, so insensitive, to be wasting citizen's money on personal entertainment. Heads rolled as they should have.

But someone explain to me why there's not similar outrage when Mrs. Obama spends many millions of our tax dollars to amuse herself and her friends on her frequent vacations? What's the difference? She spent almost half a million of our dollars on a single trip to Spain. The individual responsible for the GSA disgrace was rightly dismissed. Why does Mrs. Obama get a pass?

When American intelligence agents located Kalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, George Bush didn't remind the nation that he was ultimately the man responsible for catching the big fish. When American forces killed Abu al Zarqawi, the sadist who beheaded Daniel Pearl and who turned Iraq into an abattoir, George Bush didn't strut around pointing to himself and beckoning audiences to applaud him. When American troops captured Saddam Hussein George Bush didn't do an endzone dance. Nor did Mr. Bush ever suggest that his opponents wouldn't have done any of these things.

Yet, Mr. Obama gives the "go ahead" to the American team that took out Osama bin Laden and you'd think from how often he and his surrogates remind us that he rappelled into the terrorist's lair himself and throttled bin Laden with his bare hands. Not only is the president taking every opportunity to remind people that he's the one who "got bin Laden" he's quite explicitly allowed that Mr. Romney would not have done so.

Think what you will about George Bush, he conducted himself with professionalism, dignity, and class. His successor could learn a few things from studying his example.

Finally, as someone asked this week, who is this "Julia" woman, and why do the Democrats think I should have to pay for her whole life?